Back in the Day… People Smoked, Everywhere

When I was a kid, lots of people smoked cigarettes, and they did it almost everywhere. People smoked in buses, on airplanes, and in the car during the winter months when all the windows were rolled up and children were sitting on their laps. Back in the 1960s and '70s many women smoked, even while... Continue Reading →

Back in the Day… We had Party Lines, Landlines, and Made Collect Calls

We not only had landline telephones, but what were known as party lines. I'm old enough to remember sharing a phone line with not one, but two other families who lived on the same road. This was not uncommon forty-some years ago, especially in rural areas. Having a private line back then was kind of... Continue Reading →

Back in the Day… We Pretended to be Bionic

Throughout much of the previous century, kids everywhere wanted to be doctors, teachers, fire fighters, and ballerinas. But most kids I knew growing up in the 1970s just wanted to be bionic. Lindsey Wagner and Lee Majors were our heroes. Their alter egos, Jamie Sommers and Steve Austin, weren't only attractive, smart, and successful, they... Continue Reading →

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